Madeline Snyder pulled her car over in the first block of South Penn Street in York on Thursday morning and snapped a photo of her son's home.

Boards nailed over his large front window were painted with a message:

"Deer crack dealer you kin sell crack on this block and the York police will not stop you." A smiley face is painted at the end of the sentence.

"It scares me," Snyder said.

Her son, who she said doesn't want to comment for fear of causing more problems, doesn't want to start trouble with the police.

"He just wants the drug dealers to go," she said. Police, she said, can't seem to do anything.

York City Police Capt. Wes Kahley said police became aware of the sign Tuesday evening. At that point, the homeowner had painted a similar message directly on his window.

"Through the evening, somebody put a brick through the window," Kahley said.

The city police log indicates Jeffrey Snyder reported a broken window at 32 S. Penn St. at 9:40 p.m. Tuesday. On Thursday, the windows were boarded up with the new message. No one answered the door.

Several neighbors declined to comment, saying they don't want any trouble.

York City Police Detective Andy Shaffer, who runs the city's vice unit, said police spent a lot of time in the first two blocks of South Penn Street last year.

Police executed more than 10 search warrants for illegal drugs and made at least 25 arrests in those blocks, he said. Recently, prostitution arrests were made nearby on Market Street.

Police know there is a problem, Shaffer said.

"We are still actively working it despite what the sign says," he said.

Kahley said the neighborhood will be covered by a patrol unit dedicated to the city's west end, which will start in March.

York Mayor John Brenner said if the property owner wants to talk, he'd listen.

"Putting up a sign like that, frankly, doesn't do anything to help the quality of life in the neighborhood," he said. Police will continue to do their best in the area, he said.

Kahley said there are better ways to vent frustration than to post a sign. Speak to police or go to city council, he said.

"We want the same thing," he said. "We need his cooperation and everyone else's in the area."; 771-2048


The York City Police log is available at Click on "police log lookup" on the right.