"Sunshine Week," a national effort by media, schools, civic groups, libraries and others to draw attention to public records issues, begins Sunday.

Visit the York Daily Record/Sunday News' open records page, Full Disclosure, for columns on national open records issues, as well as the newspaper's ongoing coverage of right-to-know stories, original documents, "Record Tracker" blog, and links to other sites about open records.

Some of what you'll find:

--Investigative reporting from the Daily Record/Sunday News on topics such as soldier deaths, nonprofits and the city school district's alternative education program;

--Original documents, such as FBI files on the York riots, decisions on appeals under the state's new right-to-know law, and tax documents for Angel Food Ministries, a national food nonprofit under investigation by federal and state authorities;

--Links to Web sites you can use in your own public records research on topics ranging from nursing homes to restaurant inspections to disiplinary actions taken against licensed professionals.

--A Q&A on the state's new open records law from the executive director of the Pennsylvania Freedom of Information Coalition.


You can also visit the Sunshine Week Web site at www.sunshineweek.org.

If you have a right-to-know story you'd like us to look into, or if you're doing your own investigating and want to let us know about it, call Sunday editor Scott Blanchard at 771-2099 or e-mail sblanchard@ydr.com