A public notice appeared in the newspaper Tuesday about plans for constructing a sewage treatment plant for a proposed housing development at Lauxmont Farms.

The plant would be built within a 25-acre easement on a nearby 187-acre parcel in Lower Windsor Township that York County bought from the Kohr family last year.

The arrangement for the plant to be constructed on county property is allowed based on a settlement agreement reached last fall between the parties. The settlement ended the condemnation of part of Lauxmont Farms for a park and the lawsuits associated with it.

The housing development would be built on a different parcel of Lauxmont Farms owned by the Kohr family.

York County will not have any comment on the plans for the sewage treatment plant, county solicitor Mike Flannelly said. The county doesn't regulate sewage disposal plants.

The notice states that the proposed Lauxmont Meadows subdivision would include 129 single-family homes and a community center on 145 acres. The development would be along the west side of Klines Run Road, east of the borough of East Prospect.

Lower Windsor Township manager Maureen Hartman and supervisor Mary Caldwell referred all questions to the township's special counsel, Charles Suhr. He could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Ron Kohr Jr. and John Snyder, an attorney for the Kohr family, could not be reached for comment.


According to the notice, the public will have 30 days to comment on the plans. They are available for review at the township building.


York County's $23 million Lauxmont Farms settlement with the Kohr family last fall was structured around the sale of the Lakeside East parcel, which contains the burial grounds and the site of the last village of the Susquehannock Indians.

The settlement consists of $16.6 million for the land and $5.5 million -- plus $900,000 in interest -- to rid the county of lawsuits filed in response to its use of eminent domain.