Adam Baer and Rick Mitchell blistered the lanes during the 2008-2009 bowling season.

Baer, a 27-year-old right-hander, had nine perfect games, while Mitchell, a 39-year-old lefty, had nine 800 series. Both are thought to be York County records.

Baer, who owns 22 perfect games, had never rolled more than three in one season. This season, however, he notched seven at Hanover Bowling Centre and two at Lincoln Lanes in Chambersburg.

"I never thought I would roll that many 300s, particularly since I didn't bowl well early in the year," he said.

The Gettysburg resident rolled two perfect games before Christmas. But he worked on improving his game mechanics, drilled more bowling balls and sharpened his focus. His efforts paid off in the second half of the season, when he had perfect games three weeks in a row at Hanover Bowling Centre.

"I was throwing the ball extremely well, getting a lot of carry and making the necessary adjustments based on lane conditions," Baer said.

While Baer struggled early in the season, Mitchell sizzled. He racked up six 800 series before Christmas, including two in September, three in October and one in December.

Mitchell, who has 25 career 800s, credits Terry Miller and competing in the PBA Experience League last summer for his improvement.

"Terry gave me some valuable pointers," Mitchell said. "He changed my approach and got me to slow my feet down. The PBA Experience League helped me become more accurate.



Although Jerred Poff posted eight 800s in the 2007-08 season, Mitchell said he wasn't aware of it until someone mentioned it to him in December. That gave him a goal for the second half of the season.

"It takes a lot of strikes for an 800," said Mitchell, who bowls three nights a week. "You usually need at least 29 of 36 possible strikes. That's why you really can't focus on an 800 series. I just try to make a good, solid shot every frame."

The East Berlin resident notched a pair of 800s in March and passed Poff's total with an 825 series on April 2 at Colony Park Lanes North.