Most people feel pretty darn good after running a marathon. There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment in knowing you just ran 26.2 miles. After all, not many people do it in their lifetime.

With that said, one can only imagine how local runner Brett Pfleiger feels today.

Pfleiger participated in the Mason Dixon Trail Longest Day 100K Challenge on Saturday. The "challenge" is to finish before sunset, and "participated" is probably not the best word because Pfleiger won the race in record time.

Pfleiger started his day at Susquehanna Park in Maryland at sunrise, or 5:37 a.m. The goal was to be at the finish in Long Level, near Wrightsville, by sunset, or 8:38 p.m. That gave the 15 hardy runners a total of 15 hours and 1 minute to work with. Pfleiger didn't even need it all. His time was 12 hours, 22 minutes.

Pfleiger said the course follows the Mason Dixon Trail near the Susquehanna River, and it is mostly single track. It also gets more and more difficult toward the finish. This year's event, the third annual, was made more challenging by Mother Nature.

"With thunderstorms and slippery rocks it was quite a day," event coordinator Hunt Bartine wrote in an e-mail. "We had record results with three runners meeting the 15-hour daylight challenge."

Besides Pfleiger, Bill Tryon finished in 14 hours, and Ron Green was right behind him. The other 12 did not make it in time.

Kevin Stover wrote in to say he joined Pfleiger for the last six miles and was extremely impressed.


"I personally have gained much respect for those competing in such challenging events," he wrote. "I ran with him the last six miles, which was really nothing compared to the 62 miles he ran. Just the short distance I ran, I even had bruised toes and feet from running on such rough terrain. I can't imagine what he was feeling the next day."

Pfleiger ran the race two hours faster than he did last year, when he beat the challenge (and the sun) in 14 hours, 18 minutes with partner John Sporer. This year, he ran it alone and took it to another level.

"He was just a machine out on the course," Stover added. "I could hardly keep up with him on the downhills."

If you are interested in learning more about this annual event, check out the official Web site at

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Lake Placid Marathon: A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Susan Kinney, a Red Lion teacher who was competing in her first career marathon with the Team in Training crew. The results are in and there is good news to report.

First off, the York team of six runners raised more than $18,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through its fundraising efforts. Overall, the Team in Training program raised more than $890,000 at this one event.

As for the race, Kinney finished the marathon in 4 hours, 51 minutes. The other York-area runners also completed the course: Donielle Markey (3:48), Brett Cassady (4:29) and Tom O'Shea (5:11). Two others ran the half-marathon: Jess Sweitzer (2:24) and Wendy Smith (3:03).

YWCA Ladies Sprint Triathlon: The YWCA will be hosting the fifth annual edition of this classy event on Sunday. Competitors will swim, bike and run around York College. This event is for women only. Contact Tara Neff at or 845-2631 (ext. 131) for more details.

Codorus State Park Blast Triathlon: There is another triathlon taking place this weekend, this one on Saturday. Race time is 11 a.m. All proceeds will benefit the Spring Grove Parks and Recreation Center and Codorus State Park. Contact Kate Werntz at 225-9733 or for the details.

Double Creek: This event got hit hard by Saturday's storm, but even though I have seen pictures, no results are in at this time. I will pass them on next week -- if I get them.

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