A 21-year-old concertgoer stuffed into the luggage compartment of a commercial bus in New Jersey was discovered in Lancaster County as the vehicle traveled through West Hempfield Township, police said.

The bus driver found the man onboard about 2 a.m. Sunday in West Hempfield after a journey of about 90 miles.

Brent Murry, 21, of Toms River, N.J., had been placed in the luggage compartment by friends before the bus departed a Jimmy Buffett concert in Camden, according to West Hempfield police.

The bus, carrying passengers to and from a Saturday night show at Susquehanna Bank Center, had returned to Lancaster County when the driver pulled over just east of Columbia.

Murry had been drinking with friends at the concert, according to West Hempfield police Officer John Schwab. The "friends" then placed him in a luggage area at the bottom of the bus as it pulled away from the venue, according to officials.

The driver or a passenger heard noises from the compartment, and the bus was stopped in the 1700 block of Columbia Pike, police said. The driver called 911, and Schwab responded to the scene.

Murry was intoxicated when police arrived, investigators said.

Police called his relatives in New Jersey, and Murry was taken to his home in Toms River. He wasn't hurt, and police didn't charge him with a crime.

The bus driver wasn't identified.