A creek in York Township could see a revitalization if the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection approves grant money.

Gary Peacock, executive director of the Watershed Alliance of York, outlined plans for the Barshinger Creek Renaissance Initiative during a York Township Board of Commissioners meeting recently.

He also requested that the township submit a letter of support to the DEP.

Work on the creek would include planting trees and shrubs in the watershed, installing two cattle crossings and fencing along the creek at a farm, creating manure management schemes, retrofitting two stormwater basins to curb high-water flow, and restoring up to 67 acres of wetlands near the creek. One of the stormwater basins could be converted into a wetlands area.

An educational and outreach program about how to preserve the creek is also part of the improvement efforts.

Peacock said the creek was chosen to be revitalized, in part, because of stormwater issues and because it meets grant criteria.

"This (project) has the most promise . . . in that it was a manageable size," Peacock said.

York Township and seven other organizations, or partners, have joined in the efforts.

All told, the project will cost an estimated $5.4 million, most of which would be covered by the grant, Peacock said. As part of a grant stipulation, the eight partners must contribute a combined 15 percent of the grant in cash or services.


Barshinger Creek begins in the Red Lion-area and flows through the western part of the township to the Codorus Creek's east branch. The creek's watershed is 4.5 square miles, Peacock said.

Commissioner Philip Briddell recommended that he and fellow commissioners should tour the creek. Board members voted to send the letter of support.

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