A man and a woman from Baltimore were charged Saturday night with stealing from the Wal-Mart in Shrewsbury Township.

Shawn Lonte Vaughan, 34, and Nicole Smith, 34, were charged after taking merchandise from the pharmacy department, stuffing it into plastic bags and walking it out to the car without paying for it, police said.

The couple and a third person, who fled and was not named by police, had filled a car with about $1,000 in merchandise, police said. As Vaughan tried to carry out an additional $750 in items and Smith tried to take another $530 in products, a security guard confronted them, police said.

The guard, Raymond Cole, 27, was then attacked by Vaughan who pushed him and attempted to punch him, police said. Witnesses and other security personnel grabbed Vaughan.

Vaughan was charged with robbery, conspiracy and retail theft. Smith was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to commit retail theft and retail theft.

They are being held on $50,000 bail each at York County Prison.