HARRISBURG -- The head of Pennsylvania's largest state employees' union said it was bracing for layoffs in advance of a Monday announcement by the Rendell administration.

Meanwhile, a top aide to Gov. Ed Rendell said the layoffs would not mean the closure of any state parks, as had been threatened earlier this year as lawmakers tried to solve a huge, recession-driven revenue shortfall in the budget.

David Fillman, executive director of Council 13 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, said Monday he has reason to believe there will be layoffs.

Fillman, whose union includes 45,000 people who work in Pennsylvania state government, said he was waiting to see the precise numbers and learn which agencies are involved.

When asked for comment about Fillman's remarks, Rendell's press office said it would have more to say about the topic in early afternoon.

Last month, Rendell said he expected hundreds of layoffs to be made shortly before Thanksgiving as a result of nearly 2 percent in spending cuts to the 2009-10 state budget.

Rendell's chief of staff Steve Crawford said Monday that no state parks would be closed as a result of layoffs.

The state has laid off more than 300 employees since July because of spending cuts.