Article 1 - Purpose and Intent

It is the intent and purpose of the parties to assure a continuous, safe, harmonious, efficient, economical and profitable operation of the plant, a fair day's work for a fair day's pay, and a prompt disposition of grievances, and to set forth their agreement on rates of pay, hours of work and other conditions of employment to prevent strikes, lockouts and other disturbances which interfere with production in order to provide and promote orderly and peaceful relations with the employees covered by this agreement.

Article 8 - Plant shutdowns, temporary and indefinite layoffs and leaves of absence

Section 2- Shutdown

A. The Company reserves the right to reduce the scheduled hours or week(s) of work for some or all of the plant if business conditions warrant such change. The Company will provide a minimum of two (2) weeks notice for any shutdown except in the case of an emergency (e.g. parts shortages, equipment failures, etc.), to the Union and employees of such changes. Prior to the actual shutdown, the return date will be communicated to all affected employees. Any changes to the announced shutdown will be communicated to the Union and employees as soon as possible.

Article 9 - Classification

Section 1

A. The Company reserves the right to review and adjust rotation groups, departments and classifications as needed to address the needs of the business.


B. The Company also reserves the right to define and assign work within and between rotation groups and classifications.

Section 2

There will be a total of five (5) Classifications which are:


1. Production Technician 1 (PT1)

2. Production Technician 2 (PT2)


1. Maintenance Mechanical

2. Maintenance Electrical

3. Maintenance Toolmaker

Section 3

A. There shall be no jurisdictional boundaries of jobs or tasks within and between classifications. Employees are expected to be flexible to meet the needs of the business.

D. Movement within a classification is expected to ensure orderly execution of operations. This may include temporarily moving and backfilling positions to ensure qualified employees are performing work they are qualified to do.

Section 5

The concept of a non-supervisory "Team Leader" may be introduced to the York facility with the number, duties and responsibilities of the Team Leader defined by the Company. The Team Leader would serve as the leader of all Bargaining Unit employees in the assigned work or rotation group and will report to the salaried Group Leader who is ultimately responsible to supervise and direct the workforce.

Article 11 - Non-traditional assignments

A. The Company may establish assignments that contain responsibilities not normally associated with Bargaining Unit production and maintenance work. If the need for a Non-Traditional assignment is determined, the Company will post the assignment. The posting will include the job description, along with the required qualifications.

D. By establishing such role(s), it shall in no way be construed that the non-traditional work being performed is within the jurisdiction of the Bargaining Unit. Such work may also be performed by salaried employees.

Article 12 - Shifts and Hours of Work

Section 1

A. Shifts and starting times, breaks and lunch periods, work schedules and work weeks shall be determined by the Company and may be changed due to the needs of the business.

Article 16 - Vacation and Personal Allowance

Section 1

A. Employees may be eligible for up to:

Years of Service Eligible Hours

Less than 2 years 40 hours

2-7 years 80 hours

7-12 years 120 hours

12 years and over 160 hours

B. Employees on the active payroll as of February 2, 2010 with twenty-one (21) or more years of service (hired before February 2, 1989) will be capped at his/her current level of vacation not to exceed five (5) weeks until December 31, 2016. After that date, the employee will be granted vacation per the schedule above and will only be entitled to a maximum of 160 hours.

C. Employees will be granted vacation based on straight-time hours worked in the previous (12) months immediately prior to the employee's anniversary date:

Hours Worked Eligibility Multiplier

0-520 hours 0

521-1040 hours .50

1041-1560 hours .75

1560 and over 1.00

For example - An employee with eight (8) years of seniority is eligible for up to 120 hours per year, but the employee only worked 555 hours in the previous twelve months such an employee will be granted sixty (60) hours of vacation time on their anniversary date.

Article 17 - Categories, Wages, and Pay

  • Section 1

    There will be two (2) categories of employees, which are:

    A. Regular Tier 1 employees (On the active payroll as of the date of ratification)

    B. Regular Tier 2 employees (New, re-hired or otherwise not on the active payroll as of the date of ratification)

    C. The wage rates listed below will be effective for the term of this Agreement and apply to all York Bargaining Unit employees. An employee's regular rate of pay shall be defined as his/her straight time hourly rate.

    Tier 1

    Production Technician 1: $24.10 through the life of the contract.

    Production Technician 2: $26.05 through the life of the contract.

    Maintenance Mechanical: $29.01 from Feb. 2, 2010-Feb. 2, 2015; $29.59 from Feb. 2, 2015-Feb. 1, 2016; $30.18 beginning Feb. 1, 2016.

    Maintenance Electrical: $29.01 from Feb. 2, 2010-Feb. 2, 2015; $29.59 from Feb. 2, 2015-Feb. 1, 2016; $30.18 beginning Feb. 1, 2016.

    Maintenance Toolmaker: $29.01 from Feb. 2, 2010-Feb. 2, 2015; $29.59 from Feb. 2, 2015-Feb. 1, 2016; $30.18 beginning Feb. 1, 2016.

    Tier 2

    Production Technician 1: $19.28 through the life of the contract.

    Production Technician 2: $20.84 through the life of the contract.

  • Section 3 - 0-3 percent wage adder

    1. A 0-3 percent adder may be added to employees straight time base pay based on the plant financial and non-financial performance. The intent of this adder is to motivate employees to improve plant performance, and to reward employees when such plant performance goals are met.

    Article 18 - Severance Pay

    In the event that all operations covered by this Bargaining Unit are discontinued or transferred to another location not covered by the Bargaining Unit, each full-time active regular employee, if permanently terminated as a direct result of the discontinuance or transfer will be entitled to severance pay in accordance with the following schedule:

    Zero to 4 years of service . . . No benefit

    Five years of service or more . . . Four day's pay per year of continuous service not to exceed a maximum of twenty-four (24) weeks.

    Article 28 - Duration

    This Agreement made and entered into and executed at York, Pa., will remain in full force and effect for the period commencing Feb. 2, 2010, and terminating 12:01 a.m. Feb. 2, 2017. This Agreement shall continue in full force from year to year thereafter unless either party desiring to amend or terminate this agreement shall serve upon the other party written notice at least sixty (60) days prior to the date it desires to amend or terminate this Agreement.

    Exhibit #9, Letter of Understanding - Company Commitment

    The Company commits that:

    1. It will invest up to $90 million to restructure York Operations. This investment includes, but is not limited to, modifications and additions to Building 3, infrastructure related to the use of Building 3, information systems, equipment and tooling.

    2. The restructure operations will initially include the Softail, Touring and Tri-Glide products and the associated frames, fuel tanks, fenders, paint and vehicle assembly. Products and processes may change over time.

    3. It will discontinue current work related to relocating York Vehicle Operations to an alternate site in Kentucky.

    All of the above is subject to circumstances beyond the Company's control or further volume declines.