A tear rolls down the cheek of Alisa Rife, right, as her father Ricky, second from left, talks about her sister Jocelyn, after the recovery of her body at
A tear rolls down the cheek of Alisa Rife, right, as her father Ricky, second from left, talks about her sister Jocelyn, after the recovery of her body at Lake Marburg on Thursday. (DAILY RECORD / SUNDAY NEWS -- JASON PLOTKIN)
The body of a 15-year-old Hanover girl who drowned in Lake Marburg while boating with friends Wednesday has been found.

Jocelyn Rife's body was located on sonar some 37 feet below the water on the bottom of the lake just before noon Thursday, said York County Coroner Barry Bloss.

Her body was recovered by scuba divers in the Sinsheim Cove area of Codorus State Park in Manheim Township, he said.

Jocelyn disappeared around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday while boating with friends, according to officials.

Jocelyn's pastor, the Rev. Gerry Stoltzfoos, said she was "incredibly loved" by friends and family.

"I'm just hoping there's some kind of answer to this," said Stoltzfoos, a senior pastor at Freedom Valley Worship Center in Gettysburg and president of New Oxford Borough Council.

Jocelyn Rife, left, and her best friend, Whitney Monahan
Jocelyn Rife, left, and her best friend, Whitney Monahan (SUBMITTED)

Members of Freedom Valley Worship Center prayed for Jocelyn and her family Wednesday night.

"Jocelyn is incredibly loved," Stoltzfoos said.

An air and water search ended just after 6 p.m. Wednesday after a thunderstorm interrupted rescue and recovery efforts. Efforts resumed at 7 a.m. Thursday. A crew using sonar located the body between 11:30 a.m. and noon Thursday, Bloss said.

Jocelyn went out on the lake on a pontoon boat rented from the park by a teenager, an 18-year-old man described as her boyfriend, said Codorus State Park Manager Warren Werntz.

Jocelyn, the 18-year-old, and two other teens were on the boat when Jocelyn jumped into the water near the boat, he said. She began to struggle and went under, he said.

The boyfriend unsuccessfully tried to rescue her, he said. He was later taken to Hanover Hospital to be treated for psychological stress, Werntz said.

The boyfriend "searched furiously" until emergency crews arrived, Stoltzfoos said. The teens were boating only about 20 to 30 minutes when Jocelyn decided to go for a swim, he said.

Jocelyn knew how to swim, Werntz said. It is not clear whether she was wearing a life jacket, but a seat cushion was found floating in the lake, he said.

"We know there was a flotation device with her," he said.

Her friends threw a flotation device to her and brought the boat closer when she called for help, Stoltzfoos said. That's when the boyfriend jumped in, he said.

People are allowed in the lake but must be near a boat and wearing a life preserver, a park official said.

Rebeccah Zehall cried when she learned Jocelyn was missing. She later broke down when she learned from her mother that her body was found Thursday.

Zehall knew Jocelyn for about a year though the Freedom Valley youth church group.

Zehall said she will miss the way Jocelyn made people feel good about themselves and knew when people were down and needed a boost. Her positive, enthusiastic spirit was uplifting and inspiring, Zehall said.

"She was always positive and smiling. She was never negative about anything. She made people happy. She encouraged people. She was very enjoyable to be around," Zehall said.

"She was a great friend."

Zehall said she finds strength knowing Jocelyn would not want people to be sad.

"If she were here, she would probably make us feel better about this. She is in a better place right now," Zehall said.

Jocelyn was loved by everyone, said Sara Fitch, who runs the kids ministry program at Freedom Valley.

Jocelyn was very patient, playful, loving and nurturing with children and often visited the church nursery, Sara Fitch said.

"The thing people remember the most about her is how good she is with kids. The kids are taking it hard. The kids loved her," Sara Fitch said.

"She was like the pied piper. Kids would follow her around. She did whatever they wanted her to do."

Freedom Valley plans to have a session and question-and-answer time with the children to help cope with the loss. Together, they will pray, Fitch said.

Fitch will also be remembered at this weekend's service, she said.

"She was special," Fitch said.