Details of the 2008-09 state budget approved Friday by the state Legislature:


— Almost $28.3 billion for fiscal year 2008-09, which began Tuesday.

— $1 billion increase, or 4 percent, over last year's approved spending; $72.4 million less than Gov. Rendell's original proposal.

— Does not require any broad-based tax or fee increases; does not dip into state's budget reserve.

— Uses more than $500 million in one-time sources to prop up flagging revenue.

— Agreement before fiscal year's end averted threatened furloughs of 25,000 state workers.


— $274 million increase, or 5.5 percent, for public schools; each district gets at least 3 percent more.

— $65 million increase, or 40 percent, for charter schools.

— $633 million increase, or 6.6 percent, for the Department of Public Welfare, including health care for the poor, families with children and services for the mentally retarded and disabled.

— Nearly $50 million increase, or more than 5 percent, for debt payments.

— $90.6 million cut, or 20 percent, in state contribution to school employee pension fund.

— $45 million cut, or 50 percent, in program to buy laptop computers for high school classrooms.


— $800 million, repaid from slot-machine gambling revenues, for dams and water and sewer systems over two years.


— $500 million, repaid from electric utility gross receipts tax revenue, for alternative energy projects over two years.

— $800 million, repaid from general tax revenues, for civic redevelopment projects over four years.

— $350 million, repaid from motorist fees and taxes, to fix about 400 of the state's most dangerous bridges.

— $15 million, repaid from motorist fees and taxes, to improve airports and railways.

— $400 million, repaid from general tax revenues, to improve water and sewer systems (must be approved by voters).


Sources: Governor's Office, Senate Republicans, House Democrats