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Dec 30, 2006 — Ten, nine, eight ...

Machine-made fog rolls in.

Seven, six ...

Lights strobe.

Three, two, one ...

And the chicken drops into a big soup pot.

Happy New Year!

Valley Tavern owner Terry Fullerton said, although other areas of the county will traditionally drop pickles, roses and other items at the New Year's celebrations, he and his wife, Meg, wanted to be unique, yet represent the Seven Valleys restaurant that they have owned for almost two years.

"We are famous for our broasted chicken," Terry Fullerton said.

Last year was the first time they tried the idea of dropping the poultry at midnight.

"About 125 to 150 people came," he said. Many of the patrons were area residents who wore pajamas to the event, Fullerton said. "There were people out here in their robes and stuff."

The tavern handed out free broasted chicken pieces at the celebration and plans to do the same this year, he said.

"It lands in a big soup pot," Fullerton said. Then some low-level fireworks will go off, he said. "It's a lot of fun ... It's not like a bunch of drunk people out here. It's a neighborhood thing."

Terry Fullerton broasted the 11- to 12- pound chicken Friday afternoon in preparation for the New Year's Eve drop.


Others around the county were also busy finalizing New Year's Eve preparations.

· Red Lion for the 10th year will raise a giant cigar followed by fireworks as midnight arrives.

"We started in January," Red Lion Mayor Robert Frutiger said of making plans for the 2007 New Year's celebration. "We line up the venues - who will be hosting our entertainment ... then hire entertainers."

New Year's Eve horns and hats were ordered around midyear and will be sold at the event, and vendors will sell food in the town square, he said.

The borough has a new Leo the Lion silhouette this year to escort the cigar up the pole, Frutiger said.

"The other one weathered out on us," he said.

"Hopefully, it all comes together Sunday night," Frutiger said. "We try to offer good, non-alcoholic entertainment for free."

· The City of York's 2007 First Night York, "Laugh the Night Away" will feature magic pigs, stand-up comedians and music at the annual New Year's Eve celebration.

The event is touted as family-friendly and alcohol-free for all ages at 20 locations throughout downtown.

The night will conclude with a grand finale celebration on Continental Square and dropping of the city's White Rose, fireworks and a performance by the Red Hot Rugcutters five-piece swing band.

· Dillsburg's New Year's Eve publicity committee member Al Kauffman would not disclose the storage location of the town's "Mr. Pickle," which will be dropped by Citizens Hose Company of Dillsburg.

The fire company about two weeks ago began testing cables and mechanics for the pickle drop, he said. Many area residents, including the pickle's spouse, will await his arrival, Kauffman said.

"Mrs. Pickle is dressed in evening wear and watches and waits for Mr. Pickle to come down," he said.



Valley Tavern, at 1 Cherry St. in Seven Valleys, will drop a broasted chicken from a pole outside the restaurant at the countdown to 2007.

As the new year approaches, the chicken will be highlighted with spotlights, strobe lights and a fog machine. Light fireworks will be launched when the chicken hits a giant soup bowl at the start of the new year.

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