People snapped photographs of a century-old bridge as a tractor-trailer carried it to North York borough Thursday.

Last year, the borough bought the 1889 steel bridge that spanned Marsh Creek along Crooked Creek Road in Adams County.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation put the bridge up for sale because it's being replaced with a new structure. North York bid $350 for it and won.

A crane lifted the bridge off its foundation Thursday morning and loaded it onto a flatbed tractor-trailer. The truck then took the long route to the borough, using routes 30, 15, 581 and Interstate 83.

That's because the lanes on Route 30 in the eastern part of Adams County would be too narrow because of a widening project, PennDOT spokesman Mike Crochunis said.

The move went well and attracted a lot of attention, North York borough manager Kevin Hevner said.

People turned their heads as it traveled around the circle in Gettysburg, and bystanders took pictures as it came into North York.

"Certainly, it's not everyday you see a big bridge coming down the road," Hevner said.

The bridge will be stored to the rear of Small Athletic Field in York, thanks to an agreement reached with the York City School District.

It will be refurbished and placed across Willis Run when a section of the Northern Extension of the Heritage Rail Trail County Park is built through the borough in a few years.

The move cost $38,600, which is being offset by donations, Hevner said.